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Aadhar Card Verification Fails in Income Tax

Aadhar Card Verification Fails in Income Tax

Now-a-days, use and importance of Aadhar Card and Aadhaar Number is increasing substantially. Indian Government is interested to make the Aadhaar Card / Number compulsory but Supreme Court has said ‘No’ for compulsory Aadhaar. Therefore, Government is increasing the importance of Aadhar Card in positive and rewarding manner. In the income Tax also, facility and benefit has been extended to Income Tax Return Filers if they make Aadhaar Card Verification for fling the ITR. Now, if any Income Tax Return is filed with Aadhaar Card verification, ITR is accepted online directly and direct acknowledgement is issued without sending any ITR-V to CPC, Bengaluru and Aadhaar Card is accepted as complete I.D.Proof for Pan Card application but unfortunately, in maximum cases, Aadhar Card Verification fails in Income Tax Return filing process.

No doubt, Aadhaar Card is not simply an Identity Card only but it is much more than an Identity Card. Now-a-days, aadhar Card has been compulsorily linked to various government schemes. But it is bad luck of Indian Public that no proper care was taken while preparing the Aadhar Card but the contractor companies saved their time by filling incomplete or incorrect data in maximum cases. Therefore, aadhar  Card verifications fails at many places. Particularly, Aadhaar verification  fails in Income Tax Department which proves the carelessness of the UIDAI which could not control the deliberate carelessness of the conractor companies and their employees.

Take the example of Rajasthan. In the maximum Aadhar Cards of Rajasthan,  Aadhaar Holders will not find their correct or complete birth date. In maximum cases, only Year of Birth has been mentioned in place of Date Of Birth and therefore, this is main reason of failure of Aadhaar in verification. In many cases, name in Aadhar Card and name pan card is not matching and due to this mismatch, Aadhaar fails in verification. In maximum cases, throughout India, Mobile Numbers of aadhaar Holders were not mentioned on aadhaar database and therefore, an ITR filer can not make online correction in Aadhaar. This is very serious problem and therefore,  we advise all the Aadhaar Card and Pan Card holders that they should match both these  documents / Identity Proofs 100% by making correction as per their requirement. Either Aadhaar should be corrected or the Pan Card should be corrected as per suitability.

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