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Name in Aadhaar – Aadhaar Problem

Name in AadhaarAadhaar Problem

Aadhaar Card is a very good ID proof,  document and data record. Government of India is keenly interested to make the Aadhaar compulsory . But there are many serious Aadhaar Problems  relating to Aadhaar for which Government of India is doing nothing as it appears. Govt / UIDAI may be unaware of these problems. We are just raising all such Aadhaar problems and shortcomings one by one in separate articles. We hope that Government of India  / UIDAI will solve all such Aadhaar Card Problems. In this article, we are raising fourth problem which can be captioned as ‘ Problem of  Name in Aadhaar Card / Aadhaar Database .

Problem of  Name in Aadhaar Card / Aadhaar Database :  While applying for Aadhaar Card and in the Aadhaar Card itself, the name of Aadhaar Card Holder – Resident may be problematic.  Presently, many Aadhaar Holders are facing following problems relating to Name in Aadhaar Card :-

1. In many cases, it has been observed  that name in Aadhaar Card is not matching with the name in PAN Card and Passport which are national level ID proofs. Therefore, Aadhaar fails in pancard / Income-tax Verification or mismatch with other ID proofs.

2. In many cases, it has been observed / clear that Initials in name are accepted and printed in Aadhaar Card whereas Initials are not allowed and accepted for Pan card and Passport. Therefore, Aadhaar fails in pancard / Income-tax Verification or mismatch with other ID proofs.

3. It is surprising that Pancard and Aadhaar Card, both are issued by Government of India but rules, terms and conditions for the Name of applicant / Holder is not same and identical. It is very serious fault due to double and unequal standards.

4. Contrary to Pan Card and Passport Application, there is no classification of First Name, Last / Surname and Middle Name in Aadhaar data  which is also creating the problem if name mismatch.

4. PANCARD Offices are not accepting Aadhaar Card as valid ID proof due to mismatch / initials  in name.

Suggestion For Aadhaar Card Holders 

A. Aadhaar Card Applicants should use only full name for Aadhaar Card. Applicants should insist upon the Aadhaar Center to fill / accept only full name.

B. Aadhaar Card holder should try to correct / update the complete name in Aadhaar Card before using it Name ID for Pancard / Passport.

C. Aadhaar Card holder should beware of the fact that Name and other data on Aadhaar Card should be matching with other ID proofs such as Pancard &Passport. Discrepancy / mismatch will create problem in future.

Suggestion For Aadhaar UIDAI / Govt. Of India

(a) First of all, Indian Govt. should make exact identical policy /norms / rules for name and other contents in Aadhaar Card , PANcard, Passport and Driving License. 

(b) Govt. of India should suo-moto take initiation for correction in name in all such national level ID proofs such as Aadhaar Card , PANcard, Passport and Driving License free of cost to make them identical.

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