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E-aadhaar Card – An Aadhaar Problem

E-aadhaar Card – An Aadhaar Problem

Aadhaar Card is a very good ID proof,  document and data record. Government of India is keenly interested to make the Aadhaar compulsory . But there are many serious Aadhaar Problems  relating to Aadhaar for which Government of India is doing nothing as it appears. Govt / UIDAI may be unaware of these problems. We are just raising all such Aadhaar problems and shortcomings one by one in separate articles. We hope that Government of India  / UIDAI will solve all such Aadhaar Card Problems. In this article, we are raising third problem which can be captioned as ‘ Problem of  E-aadhaar Card .

‘ Problem of  E-aadhaar Card : When an applicant (Resident) applies first time for Aadhaar Card or for Aadhaar Correction / Update, applicant is issued a new / fresh Aadhaar Card. This entire process takes at least 90 days time for delivery of Aadhaar Card. More ever, Aadhaar Applicant may not get Aadhaar Card due to postal failures / delays / disturbances. To overcome the problem of Non-delivery or delayed delivery of Aadhaar Card, UIDAI has provided facility of downloading and printing of E-aadhaar Card. As per declaration of UIDAI on it’s website, E-aadhaar Card equivalent to original Aadhaar Card. Thus E-Aadhhar Card is as good as Aadhaar Card. Presently, many Aadhaar Holders are facing following problems relating to E-aadhaar :-

1. Though E-aadhaar  has been made / declared equal to Original Aadhaar Card by the UIDAI but contents and pattern of E-aadhaar is not same and quite identical to Original Aadhaar Card. 

2. When we download E-aadhaar , E-aadhaar itself and it’s letter is one sided only which is quite different from Aadhaar Card / Aadhaar Letter. Therefore, it is giving doubt and wrong impression about E-aadhaar . In nutshell, E-aadhaar Card is quite different physically and in appearance from the Original Aadhaar Card.

3. Many Govt. Authorities such as Passport Authorities are not accepting E-aadhaar .

Suggestion For Aadhaar Card Holders 

A. E-aadhaar Card Holder should protest / insist to accept the E-aadhaar if any person / authority dishonor the E-aadhaar. They should also make the complaint against such authorities.

B. E-aadhaar Applicant should print the E-aadhaar Card in good colored printer without making any change in color and contents.

C. E-Aadhaar Card Holder  should get their E-aadhaar Cards  laminated by folding it in to just half as per line indication available on the printed E-aadhaar Card.

Suggestion For Aadhaar UIDAI / Govt. Of India

(a) All the contents and pattern of E-aadhaar Card should be made same and quite identical to Original Aadhaar Card.  E-Aadhaar Letter should also be made identical to the Letter for Original Aadhaar.

(b) Govt. of India should bind all Govt. Authorities including  Passport Authorities to accept the E-aadhaar Card even  without  Aadhaar Letter. None should ask for Aadhaar Letter and Original Aadhaar which never reached to the applicant-resident..

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