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Update Mobile Number in Aadhar

To update mobile number in Aadhar is not only very simple but also hassle free if and only if you have a registered mobile number in working condition. It is possible to update mobile number in Aadhar Online free of charge on Aadhar Self Service Update Portal.

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Update Mobile Number in Aadhar

Important Instructions to update mobile number in Aadhar online:

  1. You must know your Aadhar Number
  2. You must have a registered mobile number and that registered mobile number must be in use. This is very important as when you login to your account for updating Aadhar Data you receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your registered mobile number.
  3. No supporting documents are required to update mobile number in Aadhar.

If you do not have a registered mobile number or the registered mobile number is no more in use i.e. it is inoperative then you cannot use the online facility to update mobile number in Aadhar .

Click on the below images to see where Registered Mobile Number Appears on Aadhaar Card / Enrollment Receipt.

Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Update Mobile Number in Aadhar

Moreover mobile number cannot be registered / updated by post.

The only option to update mobile number in Aadhar (if you do not have a working registered mobile number) is to visit an Enrollment Center in person.

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This is extremely silly on behalf of UIDAI. They do not require any document / supporting for updating mobile number in Aadhar but the person needs to be present in person to get mobile number registered in Aadhar.

If UIDAI cannot change its system of OTP generation only on registered mobile number it should at least provide the facility to update mobile number by post i.e. Offline Update in Aadhar Data. This 1 change can relieve the citizens to a great extent.

What’s the use of technology and digitalization, Where you are forced to visit an enrollment center to get your mobile number registered in Aadhar?

UIDAI should look at the quantum of persons who are facing hardships just because their mobile number is not registered in Aadhar.

Change Address in Aadhar Card Online

It is very easy to change address in Aadhar Card Online.

You can make online changes in Aadhar Data such as Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender and Email ID. (Note: You can change Date of Birth only once in your life time, so please be very careful while making changes in Date of Birth.)

You just need 3 things for online aadhar card address update:

1. Your Aadhar Card Number
2. Registered Mobile Number (Your registered mobile number must be operative / working)
3. Self attested colored scanned of supporting document eligible as Proof of Address. Click here for list of documents accepted as Proof of Address.

Important Instructions:

• You must have a registered mobile number in Aadhar.  Your enrollment receipt / acknowledgement receipt or the upper portion of your Aadhar Card Letter contains your registered mobile number. See below images for exact place where mobile number appears. Address in Aadhar Card cannot be changed online where you do not have a registered mobile number or the registered mobile number is no more active / operative.

Change Address in Aadhar Card Online          Change Address in Aadhar Card Online
Colored scanned and self attested Proof of Address. Only colored scanned documents are accepted as Proof of Address. So even if the original document is black and white, self attest the document with blue inked pen and then get it colored scanned.
• Format of the Proof of Address acceptable are Word, PDF, JPG, PNG or GIF. Make sure that the size of the document is no more than 2 MB.

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Change Address in Aadhar Card Online in following easy steps:
  • Fill up a simple form with details like your Name, Aadhaar Number, Address and Registered Mobile Number.
  • Enter data / details that you need to change in Aadhar Card
  • Upload supporting document/s
  • Proceed to make payment. You have the option to get more than 1 copies of your corrected Aadhaar Card.

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How to Apply for New Aadhar Card

UIDAI issues Aadhar Card which is a Unique Identification Card. UIDAI has issued over 100 crore Aadhar Cards till present date. All Indian Individuals can get New Aadhar Card made free of any charge.

Procedure to get New Aadhar Card:

Please read the following procedure very carefully for getting a New Aadhar Card.

1. For Aadhar Card enrollment visit an enrollment center near you in person. Make sure that you go for Aadhar Enrollment with full preparation. Note: There is no option to enroll for a New Aadhar Card Online. You have to visit an enrollment center in person

2. All supporting documents like Proof of Identity, Proof of Address and Date of Birth Proof copies should be appropriate and self attested. Click here for list of all valid supporting documents.

3. At the enrollment center fill up a simple form (Generally the people at enrollment center will help you with this formality). This is a very important part. Make sure that the details filled in the Form are correct and as per your supporting documents.

4. Submit the Form for entry. Now the officials shall enter your details in their system, take a photo of you, signature / thumb impression and scan your finger prints.

5. On completion of all the formalities, your details will be shown to you on the screen. Please please please check twice or even thrice for any mistakes in typing.

6. In the end if all the details are correct an Enrollment Receipt or Acknowledgement copy shall be given to you.

7. Please preserve this enrollment receipt forever even after you receive your Aadhar Card.

Remember New Aadhar Card enrollment is free of charge. The Officials cannot charge you for any reason whatsoever. 

The above mentioned procedure is simple but very crucial as Aadhar Card is an important ID.

On successful enrollment you shall receive your Aadhar Card on the Address mentioned in the Aadhar Card by ordinary post in around 60 days.

However you may generate E-Aadhar Card (E-Aadhar is as good and valid as an Aadhar Card) on the basis of Enrollment Receipt or Acknowledgement Slip.

Aadhar Card – Uidai

Aadhar Card – Uidai

Aadhaar Card : Before few years,  Government of India  under the prime minister-ship of  Mr. Man Mohan Singh decided to issue an unique identity card to all Indian citizens to avoid scandals in various Identity Proofs. Except the Election Identity (Electrol Identity) Card and Ration Card (Family Card), no other Identity proof (I.D.Proof) was used and accepted at all India Level at public at large. Many cases of fake Ration Cards and Election I.D. cards were alleged in Assam and many state of India. And thus, many cases of multiple Election Cards and Ration Cards were found and alleged in many states of India.  Average and poor Indians have no approach to Identity Cards like Pan Card and Passport. Therefore, Government of India decided to issue an all Indian Level unique Identity  proof like Aadhar Card to end the problems of scandals.

For creating infrastructure for issuance of Aadhaar Card, Government Of India set up a 100% Government owned authority known as ‘ Unique Identification Authority Of India ‘. This ‘ Unique Identification Authority Of India ‘ is now well known  as ‘ UIDAI ‘ in short . A very big project was taken up by Uidai for implementation at mass level at all India level.  Work of issuance of Aadhaar Card was / is executed through various Aadhaar Card centers established by Uidai through various private companies and almost, all the services related to Aadhaar Card  are / were / made available online.

Aadhar Card is issued by Uidai through it’s agencies in dual languages English  as well as local language and aadhar card is sent to the Aadhar applicant-resident by post. To avoid the delay in delivery of Aadhar Card &  non-delivery of aadhar Card and  to secure fast delivery of Aadhar Card, an online  facility has also been provided. Through this facility, applicant-resident can download his e-aadhar Card if accepted by the Uidai. Therefore, first, applicant resident should check Aadhaar Card status and there after, he should download the e-aadhar without waiting for original aadhar by post. Uidai also provided all facilities online such as correction in Aadhaar Card and  Reprint of aadhar Card etc. In case of any physical corrections related to face (photo), eyes and finger prints, aadhar-resident will have to attend regular Aadhar Center as these facilities are not available online.

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