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Aadhaar Mobile Number Imporatance

Aadhaar Mobile Number Imporatance

Now, India is adopting Aadhaar very fast and practically, whole India is running behind Aadhaar. But in many (maximum) cases, mobile number is not registered in Aadhaar. In states likes Rajasthan, mobile number is not registered in Aadhaar in maximum cases of even  literate citizens. Average Citizen does not understand Aadhaar Mobile Number Imporatance.

More serious and important issue is this that even maximum literate citizens of India are also unaware about the mutual relationship between Aadhaar and Mobile Number (Aadhaar Mobile Number). In such circumstances, there will be problem to such citizens. Therefore, we have decided to disclose the problems relating to Aadhaar without Mobile Number. Before reading our comments here under regarding Aadhaar Mobile Number importance, please see / check your Aadhaar Card also –

  1. Whether Mobile No. is printed on Aadhaar Card ?– No. Mobile Number is not printed on Aadhaar Card. One can’t know which is registered Mobile No. for Aaadhaar and whether moblile number is registered or not ?
  1. On which document of Aadhaar Holder Mobile No. is printed ? – Whenever, any citizens applies and gets aadhaar card, he/she gets a complete card sheet containing a letter as upper part of that sheet. We can understand that lower part is Aadhaar Card and upper part is letter. In this upper part (letter), just below the Address, Mobile Number of Aadhaar Card Holder is printed if the Mobile No. is registered. Generaly, upper part is scrapped as waste paper. It is not correct. All Aadhaar Holders should preserve this upper part (Letter) also.
  1. How to know Registered Mobile No. if Upper Part of Aadhaar Letter is missing ?– In such circumstances, you will have to do some experiments as mentioned here below for knowing your registered mobile number –
  • Download E-Aadhaar by Aadhaar Enrolment No.– First of all, if you have Aadhaar Enrolment Number with you, then try to download E-Aaadhaar through (Uidai Services) or official website of UIDAI. If you succeed in downloading E-aadhaar, you will be able to see your registered mobile Number on this E-aadhaar provided your Mobile No. is registered  OR
  • Try to Download E-Aadhaar by Aadhaar No.– if you don’t have Aadhaar Enrolment Number with you, then try to download E-Aaadhaar by Aadhaar No. through (Uidai Services) or official website of UIDAI. In doing so, an OTP will be sent you. If you receive OTP (One Time Password) on your mobile No., that will be your registered Moblie No. OR
  • Try to make online correction / updation in Aadhaar– Try to make correction / updation online through (Uidai Services) or official website of UIDAI. In doing so, an OTP will be sent you. If you receive OTP (One Time Password) on your mobile No., that will be your registered Moblie No.

4. Mobile No. is not registered – If you are sure that your mobile number is not registered in Aadhaar, then there is no other option except to go official Aadhaar Center for registering your Mobile No. However, you can also get updated / corrected other items in your aadhaar while registering Mobile No.

5. Whether Mobile No. can be registered offline– There is no such arrangement / facility. Earlier, there was offline facility which has been discontinued by the UIdai.

6. Benefits of Registered Mobile No. in Aadhaar– If your mobile number is registered in Aadhaar, you will be able to download E-aadhaar, to make any correction online in aadhaar and update your aadhaar online. In such circumstances, you need not to go Aadhaar Center.

7. Demerits if Mobile No. is not registered– If your mobile number is not registered in Aadhaar, you will not be able to download E-aadhaar, to make any correction online in aadhaar and update your aadhaar online. In such circumstances, you will have to go Aadhaar Center again and again.

Advise : Therefore, we suggest all the readers to check their mobile numbers and to get their Mobile Numbers registered . Please don’t be careless in this matter.

Request : We request  Government Of India to allow / provide at least offline facility for registering mobile number.

Aadhaar Mobile Number Imporatance

Change Address in Aadhar Card Online

It is very easy to change address in Aadhar Card Online.

You can make online changes in Aadhar Data such as Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender and Email ID. (Note: You can change Date of Birth only once in your life time, so please be very careful while making changes in Date of Birth.)

You just need 3 things for online aadhar card address update:

1. Your Aadhar Card Number
2. Registered Mobile Number (Your registered mobile number must be operative / working)
3. Self attested colored scanned of supporting document eligible as Proof of Address. Click here for list of documents accepted as Proof of Address.

Important Instructions:

• You must have a registered mobile number in Aadhar.  Your enrollment receipt / acknowledgement receipt or the upper portion of your Aadhar Card Letter contains your registered mobile number. See below images for exact place where mobile number appears. Address in Aadhar Card cannot be changed online where you do not have a registered mobile number or the registered mobile number is no more active / operative.

Change Address in Aadhar Card Online          Change Address in Aadhar Card Online
Colored scanned and self attested Proof of Address. Only colored scanned documents are accepted as Proof of Address. So even if the original document is black and white, self attest the document with blue inked pen and then get it colored scanned.
• Format of the Proof of Address acceptable are Word, PDF, JPG, PNG or GIF. Make sure that the size of the document is no more than 2 MB.

Click here for aadhar card address change online / offline with premium customer support.

Change Address in Aadhar Card Online in following easy steps:
  • Fill up a simple form with details like your Name, Aadhaar Number, Address and Registered Mobile Number.
  • Enter data / details that you need to change in Aadhar Card
  • Upload supporting document/s
  • Proceed to make payment. You have the option to get more than 1 copies of your corrected Aadhaar Card.

Apply now and Change Address in Aadhar Card Online with ease and premium customer support at the cheapest rate.

Aadhaar Letter – An Aadhaar Problem

Aadhaar Letter with Aadhaar Card  – An Aadhaar Problem

Aadhaar Card is a very good ID proof,  document and data record. Government of India is keenly interested to make the Aadhaar compulsory . But there are serious Aadhaar Problems / Aadhaar Card problems for which Government of India is doing nothing. UIDAI may be unaware of these problems. We are just raising all such Aadhaar problems and shortcomings one by one in separate articles. We hope that Government of India  / UIDAI will solve all such Aadhaar Card Problems. In this article, we are raising second problem which can be captioned as  Problem of Aadhaar Letter with Aadhaar Card.

Problem of Aadhaar Letter as upper part of Aadhaar Card  : When an applicant (Resident) applies first time for Aadhaar Card or for Aadhaar Correction / Update, applicant is sent a colored printed sheet. This sheet is divided into two parts. Bottom part is the ‘ AADHAAR CARD ‘ and upper part is covering letter of Aadhaar Card. The upper part covering letter is more detailed than the Aadhaar Card itself. As per usual practice, an Aadhaar holder cuts bottom part of that sheet (as per indication given on the sheet) as Aadhaar Card. There after, that Aadhaar Card is laminated. And upper part / covering letter is wasted / thrown away as a waste paper. Presently, many Aadhaar Holders are facing following problems relating to Aadhaar Letter :-

1. Aadhaar Letter is a life long document as it contains registered mobile No. (if registered) and Enrollment No. also. Unfortunately, none of the Aadhaar Holders is knowing the importance of this upper part / letter.

2. While issuing this Aadhaar Letter, it’s importance is no where explained on the letter it self or otherwise. And therefore, maximum Aadhaar Holders are not keeping it in safe custody resulted in to loss / misplacement.

3. Many Govt. Authorities such as Passport Authorities are not accepting even Aadhaar Card in absence of this letter where as almost Aadhaar Holders  have scrapped  Aadhaar letter in absence of any guidance and  due to poor knowledge about the importance of Aadhaar Letter.

4. Due to loss / misplacement of Aadhaar Letter, Aadhaar holder can not know the registered Mobile No. and the enrollment No.

Suggestion For Aadhaar Card Holders 

A. Aadhaar Applicant  should know that presently, Aadhaar Letter is equally important with the Aadhaar Card. 

B. Aadhaar Holder  should keep and maintain the Aadhaar Letter in safe custody for life. It can be laminated also.

C.  Aadhaar Holder  should also write, save & preserve the  Aadhaar Number, Aadhaar Enrollment Number, Time & Date and  registered Mobile No. at multiple locations.

Suggestion For Aadhaar UIDAI / Govt. Of India

(a) All the contents of Aadhaar Letter should also be made available on Letter for E-aadhaar.

(b) While issuing / sending Aadhaar Card / letter, Importance and safe custody of Aadhaar Letter should be well explained / taught to the Aadhaar Holders with very clear instructions.

(c) Considering the poor delivery of Aadhaar Cards / Letters, UIDAI should send atleast Adhaar Cards / letters by two different modes or at two different timings for secured delivery.

(d) Govt. of India should bind all Govt. Authorities including  Passport Authorities to accept the Aadhaar Card even in absence of / without this Aadhaar Letter. None should ask for Aadhaar Letter.

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