Aadhaar Letter – An Aadhaar Problem

Aadhaar Letter with Aadhaar Card  – An Aadhaar Problem

Aadhaar Card is a very good ID proof,  document and data record. Government of India is keenly interested to make the Aadhaar compulsory . But there are serious Aadhaar Problems / Aadhaar Card problems for which Government of India is doing nothing. UIDAI may be unaware of these problems. We are just raising all such Aadhaar problems and shortcomings one by one in separate articles. We hope that Government of India  / UIDAI will solve all such Aadhaar Card Problems. In this article, we are raising second problem which can be captioned as  Problem of Aadhaar Letter with Aadhaar Card.

Problem of Aadhaar Letter as upper part of Aadhaar Card  : When an applicant (Resident) applies first time for Aadhaar Card or for Aadhaar Correction / Update, applicant is sent a colored printed sheet. This sheet is divided into two parts. Bottom part is the ‘ AADHAAR CARD ‘ and upper part is covering letter of Aadhaar Card. The upper part covering letter is more detailed than the Aadhaar Card itself. As per usual practice, an Aadhaar holder cuts bottom part of that sheet (as per indication given on the sheet) as Aadhaar Card. There after, that Aadhaar Card is laminated. And upper part / covering letter is wasted / thrown away as a waste paper. Presently, many Aadhaar Holders are facing following problems relating to Aadhaar Letter :-

1. Aadhaar Letter is a life long document as it contains registered mobile No. (if registered) and Enrollment No. also. Unfortunately, none of the Aadhaar Holders is knowing the importance of this upper part / letter.

2. While issuing this Aadhaar Letter, it’s importance is no where explained on the letter it self or otherwise. And therefore, maximum Aadhaar Holders are not keeping it in safe custody resulted in to loss / misplacement.

3. Many Govt. Authorities such as Passport Authorities are not accepting even Aadhaar Card in absence of this letter where as almost Aadhaar Holders  have scrapped  Aadhaar letter in absence of any guidance and  due to poor knowledge about the importance of Aadhaar Letter.

4. Due to loss / misplacement of Aadhaar Letter, Aadhaar holder can not know the registered Mobile No. and the enrollment No.

Suggestion For Aadhaar Card Holders 

A. Aadhaar Applicant  should know that presently, Aadhaar Letter is equally important with the Aadhaar Card. 

B. Aadhaar Holder  should keep and maintain the Aadhaar Letter in safe custody for life. It can be laminated also.

C.  Aadhaar Holder  should also write, save & preserve the  Aadhaar Number, Aadhaar Enrollment Number, Time & Date and  registered Mobile No. at multiple locations.

Suggestion For Aadhaar UIDAI / Govt. Of India

(a) All the contents of Aadhaar Letter should also be made available on Letter for E-aadhaar.

(b) While issuing / sending Aadhaar Card / letter, Importance and safe custody of Aadhaar Letter should be well explained / taught to the Aadhaar Holders with very clear instructions.

(c) Considering the poor delivery of Aadhaar Cards / Letters, UIDAI should send atleast Adhaar Cards / letters by two different modes or at two different timings for secured delivery.

(d) Govt. of India should bind all Govt. Authorities including  Passport Authorities to accept the Aadhaar Card even in absence of / without this Aadhaar Letter. None should ask for Aadhaar Letter.

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